it’s been an entire year almost since i blogged here, and i’ve no doubt made many meals i’ve meant to post. if anyone’s reading, a heartfelt apology, truly. 

here’s a recent cake to make up for the laziness: 
it’s a 16-inch half sheet of doctored white cake mix (no filling – you try torting something that size!), homemade buttercream iced and embellishments. i just couldn’t break out the fondant. i had very little time to complete this. It was the dessert for our housewarming bbq, held on 8/17/08 with Erik’s family and co-worker Jean. Delicious cake, though it dried out quickly (the leftovers, I mean). The main meal was beef and chicken skewers on the grill, a large pan of macaroni n’ cheese, dutch oven potatoes, grilled veggies, erik’s ribs, and corn. I’ve also been loving on a recipe I found in a girly mag – Avocado Sauce – which I served drizzled over the grilled meat. I think that drew the most compliments of anything that night. 
Here’s the semi-recipe:
Avocado Sauce
1 avocado, peeled and cut up into pieces
1 cucumber cut into small pieces
sour cream
salt and pepper 
juice of one lime
1 tbl of water
2 tbls or so of chopped up cilantro
Process all this in a blender. Adjust seasoning as needed. 

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