weird breakfast

so the other day i toasted 2 frozen waffles, put a little butter, a little of our Grade B straight from Vermont maple syrup, then spooned Activia blueberry yogurt on top, sprinkled a tablespoon or so of my Honey Bunches of Oats, and sliced a farmer’s market fresh peach on top. Ate it heartily with a cup of coffee. Both Erik and Alex wrinkled their noses and looked at it like i’d puked on the plate. Negra walked up and stuck her nose to the edge of my plate and sniffed, looking confused. Rufus jumped on the table (as usual) and looked to see what I was eating and could he have some too (like he usually does when we sit down to eat). Even he looked at me oddly and jumped right back off the table.

My point, I guess, is that i dont understand all the confusion. I dont think that was a weird meal at all and it was quite delicious. And a good way to use up leftover things in the refrigerator.

Yeah these people/animals I live with are the weird ones. Not me.


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