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erik decided to make breakfast this morning and went all out … i’ve always wanted to try what he made, but have always been worried it would turn out all wonky … his, of course, did not turn out wonky. in fact, it was quite delicious. 

We don’t have a name for it yet. Paula Deen calls it “toad in a hole.” 

5 eggs, scrambled. add a little milk and shredded cheddar to the mixture. 
6 pieces of white bread. cut a hole in the middle with a smallish biscuit cutter, or round cookie cutter. 
butter, softened
Heat your griddle pan, or whatever pan you’re using. Butter the slices of bread and the holes that have been cut out of them. place the bread on the hot griddle/pan. slowly and gently pour some scrambled egg into the hole. salt and pepper it. cook until the eggs have set on the bottom and the toasts can be flipped over. continue cooking until the eggs have cooked through. you can brown your toasts if you’d like, just take care not to make the eggs rubbery. serve with the toasted holes, hash browned potatoes and (our favorite) maple sage sausage links. not even alex could complain about this one … 



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