weekly menu

this little practice has saved me tons of grocery money and forced me to use up stuff that’s been living in my deep freeze for ages. that said, sometimes i finish these and feel really proud of my menu-making abilities. the one promise i’ve made to myself i’ve been able to stick to is trying at least 1 new recipe a week. for the pickier people in my household (read: alex), this means a lot of “weird stuff,” but i’m really pleased there haven’t been any “taco nights” or “fried chicken nights” and relatively few “feck it all call pizza hut” nights… we really shouldn’t ever call pizza hut. the place gives us diarrhea everytime. i know that’s so  gross, i shouldn’t say that on a food blog. pretend you didn’t read that… anyway, this is the menu  i’ve come up with for the upcoming week:

Sat: beef stroganoff (believe it or not i have never eaten this or made it. definite first for me)
Sun: steak, black beans and rice, deconstructed guacamole, fresh corn tortillas (i’ve got a hankering for some freshly pressed corn tortillas. last week it was frozen corn dogs (i know, wtf right?), this week it’s a hot off the comal corn tortilla with a little salt and butter. are you drooling yet? you should be… this is coming out of Rachael Ray’s BOB book, btw)
Mon: turkey curry (uses up leftover roast turkey breast from last Sunday)
Tues: one pan chicken dinner (another Rachael Ray original – possibly the only RR recipe I’ve ever made exactly according to the recipe. no deviations)
Wed: pork chops o’brien (culled and changed up from an allrecipes.com recipe)
Thurs: chicken cutlets, crash hot potatoes, brussel sprouts
Fri: curried home fries, poached eggs, and some biscuits from the freezer that need used

easy, see? and my grocery list is relatively small for this week. most of this stuff is comprised of staples i already have. cheap and delicious and varied.


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