when in rome …

try your damndest to forget about assimilating and do it like you did back home … sometimes i get a wicked craving to taste texas … oddly enough that craving comes strongest with the arrival of my issue of Texas Monthly (hm weird)… Homesick Texan helped me rediscover my love for King Ranch Casserole, and we stuffed homemade corn tortillas into our mouths this weekend … tonite – that craving announced itself in the form of …carnitas. ohhh holy pork, i love carnitas – deeply flavored, and roasted so long and so slow when it’s done, all you have to do is look at it funny and it falls apart so tender … commence the drooling. it’s ok, really. most recipes for this dish involve an oven and a watchful eye lest you overcook your poor pork, but it’s Monday, I work all day, and it’s simply too far to and not worth the effort to drive all the way back home for lunch hour just to turn a piece of pork over. hence the discovery of “Slow Cooker Carnitas.” I usually get offended at most recipes that deviate from the way my grandma does things, but desperate cravings call for desperate measures. and to some degree, i trust Bon Appetit magazine more than most other recipe resources … suffice to say, this particular recipe is a winner on all levels, even if i did tweak it a bit. and as i stuff my face with warm, lovely carnitas on corn tortillas with rice and beans and roasted tomatillo sauce i say Bon Appetit, I owe you kisses and gold dubloons for the dinnertime bliss you have bestowed upon me…


Bon Appetit’s Slow Cooker Carnitas 

You need:

a crock pot (duh)
boneless pork ribs or pork shoulder cut into 1 inch pieces (i used the ribs – so easy)
salt and pepper
dried oregano (mexican please)
large onion cut into pieces 
** i did end up adding a little bit of water and orange juice. my grandma always added some orange juice in there. I don’t really know why. 

Toss your pork with your spices. Throw your onions in the crock pot. Put your pork on top. If you’re adding water and OJ, add it. Cook on low setting for about 6 hours. It should be nice and roasty and ready to fall apart just by giving it a lustful look. We had it on corn tortillas topped with cilantro, onion, lime juice, and tomatillo salsa-ish. 

I made the tomatillo salsa-ish stuff by roasting garlic cloves and tomatillos in the oven with olive oil (remove the papery husks from the tomatillos please), then grinding it altogether in my molcajete. you can also just chop it up really nice and mush it together without the aid of a molcajete. 



by the way, this is the best snack in the entire world: 

homemade corn tortilla straight from the pan hot, with some butter melted on top and a little salt sprinkled on it. it has to be a homemade one though. the effect’s just not the same with a store bought corn tortilla.

cooking music: Led Zeppelin 4



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  1. rebekahseats

    very yum. 🙂

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