i am my body’s bitch

so i woke up monday morning and realized my body had become self aware and little by little it has been trying to destroy me. oh they say “it’s just a nasty head cold” but i know what’s going on. my body doesn’t think i know, but i know … ugh i don’t know what’s up with myself, i haven’t been a sickly person since i moved to wyoming but it’s been one thing after another since november. first it was bronchitis, then it was mucho stress and mental health issues that manifested themselves as a series of migraines that i’m SURE came from Satan himself … now, my body is trying to destroy me with cough and congestion. but i’m not letting this go without a fight, oh no. i’m attacking it right back with multiple glasses of orange juice and a hot dose of theraflu each night. and being hungry and not able to see why it’d be worth it to stand in the kitchen for an hour making dinner, i made some particularly easy and tasty chicken noodle soup:

winter sicky-time chicken soup

use some boneless, skinless chicken breasts, drizzle them with olive oil and salt, pepper, and garlic powder. baked these at 375 about 45 minutes or so (until they’re nice and brown on top and the juices run clear). set aside. don’t forget to turn your oven off. sometimes i forget. 

in the trusty soup pot: melt some butter (not a lot) and heat some olive oil with it. i don’t know why i do this, it has something to do with rachael ray and her routine brainwashing of me but it’s a habit i can’t break. saute in said oilandbuttah: chopped onion, rough chopped celery and carrots. salt and pepper it a little. cook until the onions are softened. have your husband (or whomever) in the meantime chop your breasts (tee hee) into smallish pieces. dump those into the pot with the veg. let ’em hang out for a minute. dump in some chicken stock (your trusty, handy stock in a box. yeah i know it’s not ideal but i dont have enough jars or freezer room at the moment to freeze homemade. don’t judge me.) let it come to a boil. for noodles, i used Buitoni (spelling?) brand fresh fettucine. cook that til it’s done. adjust your salt and pepper. slap a grilled cheddar cheese on wheat bread sandwich together to eat with the soup and watch that cold cower in the face of wicked awesome and comforting chicken noodle soup. boo-ya, cold. you’re MY bitch now!!


Cooking music: Edith Piaf “Padam, Padam”


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