the humanitarian of the day award goes to …

gingered pork stir fry. and frozen egg rolls, this Chung brand I’ve been getting that i LOVE. i’ve said elsewhere that if i could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life it would be an endless variation of stir fry’s. i picked the bones of this recipe from somewhere i forget. if i remember i’ll give proper credit, just know i didn’t make this up. 

Gingered Pork Stir Fry 

you need:

pork loin, sliced thinly (i wasn’t about to pay $8 for one of these smallish ones that were preseasoned – it was all they had at my little grocery store – so i used those boneless chops and cut them thinly)
grated fresh ginger
thinly sliced onion
snow peas (i love these so much i’m going to run away with them. and there’s nothing my husband can do about it)
thinly sliced zucchini
thinly sliced yellow squash (this was my addition)
minced garlic cloves
soy sauce
cooked rice to serve it with

(i’m writing this from memory, so if i’ve forgotten any ingredients i’ll let you know, but for now i think this is all i used). 

in a bowl, i tossed the thin slices of pork with the ginger and doused it with a little soy sauce. you can never have too much soy sauce. well no, i take that back, you can, because it’s salty. i just meant that i really, really like soy sauce. why are you still reading this? i make no sense. sheesh. in my trusty wok i heated some oil (not a lot). i quick sauteed the veggies til they were light brown, but still crisp tender. i set them aside in a bowl. if you need more oil, heat a little more up in the wok. add your pork mixture and cook this until the pink is gone. add the veggies back to the pan and crack some pepper on that baby. i served it over the rice and with the aforementioned store bought egg rolls that i heated up all nice and hot and crispy in the oven. there’s a 30 minute meal for your ass. 


i just did the Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force lascivious giggle when i uploaded that picture. something is seriously wrong with me. 

i love stir fry!!!!!!


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