what’s for dinner

well actually it’s what WAS for dinner. due to a snafu on my card reader i couldn’t pull photos taken out of it to post anything here. after much cursing and yelling at the card reader, it felt sufficiently shamed enough to do its job. so i can bring you all my awesome dinner ideas from this week. ok not all of them, but a couple decent meals. 

Monday night we went the way of chicken breasts breaded with my homemade bread crumbs and a variation of Giada’s orzo pea and mushroom um side dish thing and it was pretty great and easy. for this you need:

boneless skinless chicken breasts. i didn’t pound mine because the breasts weren’t huge, but if yours are you might want to beat the tar out of them until they’re not quite so thick. 
homemade bread crumbs
grated parmesan
lemon zest
salt and pepper
an egg, beaten

I made a dipping, breading station with my flour, the egg, the breadcrumbs. however you like to bread your meat, go ahead and do that. i salt and peppered the flour, and mixed the parmesan and lemon zest together with the bread crumbs. i heated some oil and browned the breaded breasts, then popped them in the oven. cook them until they’re done. you’ll know when they’re done.

for the orzo dish you need:

um orzo?
grated parmesan
salt and pepper
garlic cloves, minced
mushrooms, sliced (i used regular white supermarket mushrooms)
fresh spinach, chopped up
some onion, chopped up
frozen peas
olive oil

I set the orzo to boiling, cooked it until it was done. while that was working, i sauteed (in some olive oil) the garlic, mushrooms, onion, and spinach until the spinach got all wilt-y. off heat, i stirred in the peas and let them heat through. after the orzo was drained, i tossed it altogether with a little olive oil and the parmesan.  adjust your salt and pepper, obviously. it was pretty great. 



this meal made my dog do this: 


the little beggar.


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