i want to lick the page

i’m flipping through the latest issue of Bon Appetit (slow day at the office) and right on page 103 there is a gorgeous photo of a Coffee Chocolate Layer Cake with Mocha Mascarpone Frosting that looks so delicious i literally almost raised the book to my face and licked it. i must bake this cake. i must have it. i must …



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4 responses to “i want to lick the page

  1. My copy is at home on the bed, still wrapped in plastic. =(

  2. rebekahseats

    get it, open it, see if you don’t want to eat that picture.

  3. Ahahahaha!!! I just opened it… honestly it’s way too chocolately for me… but I relayed this post to my chocolate loving husband while showing him the picture…. he said, “wow! That DOES look good!” Then he leaned closer… I started laughing because I though he WAS going to lick the page!!! He said he was just getting closer for a better look!

  4. rebekahseats

    look closer my foot. he was totally gonna lick it. 🙂

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