feel like chicken tonite, chicken tonite

so this probably isn’t interesting to anyone but me, but i have (had) a HUUUUUGE black binder of recipes that i put together about 3 years ago. i assembled all my little magazine cut outs, internet print outs, and handwritten things, and typed them via typewriter (because i’m geeky that way), categorized, and placed them all in plastic protector sleeves, made nice, erasable tab indexes, then didn’t touch the damn book for 3 years. point is, i finally opened it up and reevaluated my stock of recipes, getting rid of things i’m absolutely sure i would never try to make, and thus i have tamed the paper jungle. i’m awfully proud. tonite’s soup-er dinner recipe came from the pile i ended up keeping. simple, quick, tasty. 

Chicken Lime and Orzo Soup

You Need: 

about 3/4 cup orzo pasta
olive oil
white onion, thinly sliced
garlic cloves, minced
jalapenos, seeded and veined if you don’t want too much heat, chopped up
boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into small pieces
chicken stock
juice of a lime
tomato, chopped
fresh cilantro

(I added: a carrot, rough chopped, some mushrooms, sliced, and cumin).

Cook orzo in boiling water until tender. Drain well. Heat oil in a soup pot. Add onion, garlic, and jalapenos (and your mushrooms and carrots if you’re using them). Saute until onion starts to turn brown. Add the chicken. I sprinkled the cumin in at this point. Saute this a minute or two. Add the stock , lime juice, and tomato. Simmer until the chicken is done. Mix in the orzo, then the cilantro. Season with salt and pepper. We served this with your standard toppings: fried crisp corn tortilla strips, cheese and sour cream. 


Soup season’s about to be over, soon, I reckon (I hope). Around here winter usually plays the part of the extremely bad houseguest, shoving its way in and refusing to budge for several months, long overstaying its welcome. Lately though the temperatures have been between 40-50, the sun’s been shining, sky’s been blue, and the snow is ACTUALLY MELTING. in MARCH. Last year the snow didn’t fully melt until JULY. I kid you not. I’m enjoying all this faux spring, but i fear it’s exactly that: faux. any day now the weather gods are going to seriously rain on my parade. or snow on it. even so, i might still have a few more soup or stews ahead of me. we’ll see.


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  1. That looks GREAT!! I love all of those flavors!!

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