sandwich night friday’s

as much as i like to cook, i like not having to turn on the stove once in awhile. and not having to load a whole dishwasher. it’s getting a little too warm for soup (say what – did i really just say that?) so we’re doing something else for easy Friday’s. all I gotta say is yay for sandwiches. tonite: bastardized turkey clubs

You Need: (for 3 sandwiches)

9 slices bread (duh. we like Nature’s Pride brand whole grain)
deli turkey
your favorite cheese (tonite we used swiss for erik, plastic wrapped american for alex, provolone for me)
your favorite condiments (mayo and caesar dressing for me and erik, alex’s plain of course)
cooked slices of bacon
lettuce, sliced onion, sprouts, sliced avocado, or whatever else kind of veggie you like. tomatoes for instance. 

We spread mayo on the bottom slice of our bread first. Layer some turkey, then some bacon then some lettuce and onion. At this juncture I put a little bit of the caesar dressing on my lettuce.  I don’t know if erik put any on his. Put another slice of bread on top of that. Then some more turkey. Maybe more bacon if you made enough. Then the cheese. Then the sprouts and avocado. Put your last slice of bread on top of that. Serve with potato chips from the local Maverik convenience store. And listen to the boys bitch because “it’s not a true club sandwich without the frilly toothpick.” Sigh. 



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