so. very. tired.

i was going to create a regular blog post, just like i’ve been meaning to make really good meals this week, but since this swine flu thing hit, my office (i work in Public Health) has been a flurry of activity and just plain busy. if the flu itself doesn’t get me, all the people needlessly panicking about it will.  i am exhausted. really and truly exhausted. one night this week we ordered pizza, one night we had eggs and sausage and toast, and tonight was “get your own damn dinner” night. the only time i dragged out the pots and pans was to make yet another rachael ray variation. in the latest issue of Everyday With Rachael Ray there was a recipe for Catfish Po’ Boys. as i did not possess catfish, these became chicken “po boys.” and they were not bad, not at all … 

You Need:

boneless, skinless chicken breasts, pounded pretty thin. (not paper thin, but thin enough so that they’ll cook all the way through in the pan without getting the outside too done)
tabasco (i freakin’ love tabasco, people. love it)
salt and pepper
vegetable or canola oil
kaiser rolls, lettuce, tomato, mustard or mayo (or that nice thick caesar dressing i like to use)

soak your pounded chicken breasts in the buttermilk and tabasco. i left these soaking for like 30 minutes. set your flour on a plate. salt and pepper it and mix it in. heat your oil in a large pan on the stove. lift your breasts (hehe) and let the excess buttermilk drip off. dredge the chicken in the flour. cook them until the juices run clear and the outside is well browned. meanwhile, toast your split kaiser rolls. assemble these sandwiches any way you want. use both mayo and mustard or neither. use tomatoes and lettuce. add cheese if you want. i served these with bbq potato chips and sauteed green beans (erik and i like our veggies) and called it a fecking night.   


exhaustion!!!!! ::goes off to die. or sleep. all weekend. whichever comes first:: 



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2 responses to “so. very. tired.

  1. wellmet

    Yes, I wish people would calm the feck down. If the worst happens, the cost of people’s fear and panic will be ten times higher than the cost of actually cleaning up the flu.

    Chicken po boys sound yummy – get some rest this weekend!

  2. rebekah

    i wish they’d quit watching the news. if people knew how much the mass media profits off their fear and rapt attention, they’d quit watching for sure. state’s are depleting their resources – you’re not supposed to test every tom dick and harry who has a sniffle and a sore throat. they need to have legitimate flu like symptoms and a connection to an area of a known breakout before they should be tested. but you know how people are.

    sorry for that diatribe. yes, those sandwiches were good. and easy.

    i plan on being a complete and total slug. 🙂

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