kitchen survey!

stolen from the lovely Sarah

metal or non-stick? i use a KitchenAid brand non stick for eggs and omelets and such, and my stainless steel for everything else. i also have a nice cast iron pan that’s good for frying chicken, and a cast iron dutch oven that i love for erik’s dutch oven potatoes. 

cast iron or stainless? yes, both.

cutting board: silicone or wood? no silicone, plastic for my meats and fish, a large heavy wooden one i love, and a smaller wood one that erik made for me. 

knife: carbon steel or stainless? everything. i love Henckel’s and Shun. Erik’s the knife expert, so i have a nice collection of excellent ones.

KitchenAid or hand mixer? both depending on the size and severity of my project. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kitchen Aid mixer, but i still use the hand one, too. it’s served me well for 2 1/2 years pre-KitchenAid. 

cooktop: gas, electric, induction? Gas. we also had an electric one in our old place that i didn’t mind as much as i thought i would, but i really prefer my gas stove. 

side-by-side, freezer on top, fridge on top? we have an on top freezer currently, though i really enjoyed my side by side in the old house. i just love the idea of the bottom freezer as a drawer though. i really want one.

apron or whoops? what’s a whoops? i have aprons, but i don’t use them. i use dishtowels. 

mashed potatoes: by hand, ricer, or mixer? by hand first, then with a hand mixer.

sandwich or wrap? when i eat them, sandwiches. i’m not wild about most wraps you get in the store. the wrap itself, i mean. not the fillings. 

pb & _________ ? and homemade strawberry jam with lemon zest that the nurse with whom i work gave me. 

pancakes: syrup or applesauce? who puts applesauce on pancakes? real maple syrup. we stocked up in Vermont and i’m so spoiled for it now. i love it. 

cake: scratch or mix? both. when i make cakes for people, usually scratch, although i found the Cake Mix Doctor book at a yard sale a couple years ago and that does have some really nice recipes in it. i find that unless you’re REALLY good at making scratch cake, a lot of people don’t like the texture. they’re all used to boxed cakes. 

chili: beans or no? either or. i put beans in mine. don’t tell any of my texas pals. it’s an abomination there to put beans in it and still call it chili. oh well. 

napkin: cloth or paper? Cloth.

BBQtakes the whole weekend to make or take out? ooh i love good bbq and i can’t get it here in wyoming unless i make it myself. i miss texas bbq, dammit! though erik and i make some killer ribs …

chicken: white or dark? dark for moist ness and flavor, but i do use quite a lot of boneless skinless breasts b/c they’re cheaper here and you can do virtually anything with them. 

ice cream: cone or dish? i’m not an ice cream cone person, unless it’s a just-made waffle cone from Cold Stone Creamery. otherwise, dish all the way.


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