dinner tonite

actually these titles are misleading. this isn’t actually what’s for dinner tonite, but what was for dinner last nite, but if someone happens to see this and think ‘hey that’s a good idea, i think i’ll make it for dinner,’ then it actually does become tonite’s dinner. in other news, i talk too much about insignificant things… so i was having withdrawals because we hadn’t had a good stir fry or anything asian related in awhile, and i happened upon a picture of chicken fried rice in an old issue of rachael ray magazine (i have to stop and go through the stacks of them sitting on my cookbook shelf periodically to see what can be kept and what can be recycled). of course i didn’t follow her recipe (when do i ever?) but hey thanks for the idea, man! instead i headed over to allrecipes.com to see if i could find a few recipes i could personalize and ended up (sorta) following the directions of one of the reviewers of a recipe instead. all that work for such an easy dish, sheesh. anyway, here’s what i ended up putting together:

Chicken Fried Rice

You Need: 

cold, cooked rice (i made this the nite before, b/c all recipes for CFR are adamant about using cold pre-cooked rice. i sauteed some chopped onion with 3/4 cup white rice in some oil until lightly toasted. then i added chicken broth and cooked it on medium-low until the rice was done. put it in the fridge and got it back out for dinner)
sesame or regular oil
soy sauce
pepper, onion powder
couple cloves garlic, minced 
boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into small cubes
about 3 large eggs, scrambled
chopped onion
a small carrot, peeled and diced pretty finely
red and/or green bell pepper, cut into small dice 
white mushrooms, sliced
frozen peas
sliced scallions *optional 

toss your chicken pieces with a couple shakes of the soy sauce, pepper, and onion powder. in a large pan or wok, heat your sesame oil (or whatever oil you’re using), and saute the chicken with the minced garlic until it’s no longer pink. i like to cook mine until it’s lightly browned. in the same pan, scramble the eggs with the chicken until the eggs are soft-scrambled. set the pan aside. in a another pan, heat up a little bit more oil. add your onion, carrot, peppers, and mushrooms. cook these until slightly softened. off heat, add the frozen peas to start warming them through. mix the veggies in with the chicken. add the cold rice. you can add more shakes of soy sauce to this. we did because i LOVE soy sauce and well, the more the merrier, yes? heat this mixture stirring it together well until all the chicken and veggies and rice are well incorporated. toss in some slice scallions, if you’d like, to finish it. serve with eggrolls or spring rolls. i was slightly disappointed because we shopped at a different grocery store while we were in jackson hole last friday so i was able to get my Chung’s eggrolls, but they were EGGrolls, not SPRING ROLLS, which i vastly prefer. Still, they were pretty good. But uh, i wouldn’t want for spring rolls if they’d send me some. *hint hint* 



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