sandwich Fridays

are quickly becoming something i very much look forward to. i love that there’s been such good weather lately, all sun and overworked grill. my poor grill. he’s gonna be sick of seeing us by the time it starts snowing again. i used him friday for these sandwiches. the idea, of course, came from one of my favorite cooking blogs (original recipe found here), and of course i changed it. these were, initially going to be paninis, but while shopping at my favorite sorta-local grocery store, i found some really fresh ciabatta sandwich rolls and, well, there you go.

Grilled Flank, Onion and Mushroom Sandwiches

You Need:

flank steak
salt, pepper
balsamic vinegar
olive oil
couple cloves of garlic, minced
1/4 to 1/2 a white onion, sliced thinly
a couple of decent sized white mushrooms, sliced thinly
ciabatta sandwich rolls (or you can use regular bread and follow the directions for paninis in the link above)
sliced cheese, cut into thin strips (we used cheddar b/c that’s what we had, however, i think this would have been better with gruyere, monterey jack, or even swiss)

drizzle the steak with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. season with salt and pepper. put it in a ziplock bag, add the garlic. close it, and let it marinade overnight or at least a couple of hours. heat your grill or grill pan. cook the steak to your liking (i like it more well done, erik likes his still bleeding. gross.) while that’s cooking, add oil to a pan. heat it up. add the mushrooms and onions, cook these on medium-low until they’re all wilted and delicious. salt and pepper this mixture, as well. set this aside. slice your ciabatta rolls in half. put them on the grill and toast them. watch these, because i always forget and almost burn one and that’s the one i have to eat because the boys won’t eat anything that’s even lightly charred. when all that’s done, and you’ve let your meat rest and have thinly sliced it against the grain into strips, you can start building your sandwiches. i spread a little of that nice caesar on the bottoms of eriks and my rolls. you can use mayo, if you want. the recipe in the link above for garlic mayo sounds great, so i might try it someday. layer some of your steak on top of the roll bottom. layer some strips of cheese (or if you grated it, put it on like that). lay the sandwiches on the outside of the grill (so the bread doesn’t get all overcooked). close the lid and let the cheese melt. take them off, put ’em on plates. i placed the mushroom/onion mixture on top of the melted cheese, top with the ciabatta roll top. eat. enjoy.



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