drizzly, dreary, yuck

the weather here lately, i mean. foggy and rainy and cold. who said it was ok to be this cold in JUNE? the gods conspire to keep sun away from this valley for long periods of time. probably just to spite me … seriously … still, that fact cannot and does not repel me from grilling dinner outside. i will and have done it in the middle of a snowstorm and rain… that’s how much i love our grill. and i’m glad i stuck to our original plans last night. we bought some tri tip steaks to try, as we’ve never had that particular cut of meat and let me just say it passed the taste test A+++. even cooking it well done (for picky pants) it didn’t get tough and dried out. i was impressed.  packed into homemade corn tortillas and with a generous helping of chimol (salvadorian pico de gallo), it was delicious. and it’s cheap. those are some of favorite adjectives (delicious and cheap) …

Grilled Tri Tip Steak with Chimol

You Need:

some tri tip steaks (ours came already sliced into steaks by the grocery store)
lemon juice
salt, pepper, oregano, cumin, garlic powder


red onion, diced (or white is fine – that’s what i had and used)
radishes, sliced and diced into small pieces
cilantro, chopped
roma tomato, diced
lime juice (original recipes call for lemon)
salt and pepper

marinate your meat with the lemon juice and the spices overnight, or at least a couple of hours. or just use your favorite steak rub. heat your grill up. i like to get mine fairly hot to sear the meat really well. meanwhile, assemble your chimol. mix together the onion, radishes, cilantro, tomato, and toss with the lime juice. add salt and pepper to taste. this you can set aside, or make a day early. it’s best at room temperature, i think. grill your meat to the desired doneness. like i said earlier, this cut didn’t get tough when i cooked one of them well done, though a lot of resources online say medium rare is as far as you should go with this. let the steak rest and eat either whole, topped with the chimol, or slice it against the grain and make tacos with it. i let erik make the corn tortillas (white boy’s way better at it than i am!) and we chowed down.


the chimol was great, really flavorful and fresh …


i did, by the way, figure out the “macros” (or close up shots) feature on my camera. i hope this makes my crappy photo taking better …


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