just one more reason to enjoy friday nights…

sandwich nights! if i’m being leisurely, i can be out of the kitchen in about half an hour, if i’m really just on it, it takes me about 10-15 just to get dinner on the table. geez. we should have sandwiches every night … i’ve had this Rachael Ray recipe filed away in the back of my mind since the last issue (or maybe the one before that, i don’t remember). tonight was the nite to try it out. sorta. a version of it, anyway. i didn’t have half the ingredients called for so i substituted. as usual. but it’s a very good idea originally, and i’m sure would have been just as great with the blue cheese …

A Severely Bastardized Version of Rachael Ray’s Buffalo Chicken Clubs

You Need:

boneless, skinless chicken breasts, pounded about 1/4 inch thin
lemon juice (or buttermilk even)
tabasco sauce. i like a lot of this. you use however much you can stand
salt and pepper
sliced bacon, cooked crisp
deli turkey, sliced fairly thin
colby jack cheese or american cheese slices
mayo and/or dijon mustard

salt and pepper your chicken. arrange in a bowl or plate and marinate it in the lemon juice or buttermilk and the tabasco. let it hang out for a few minutes. put some flour on a plate. heat some oil in a pan. dredge your chicken in the flour. fry this until it’s golden brown and done. set aside to cool. i would have liked to dip this through some more tabasco. i didn’t think it was spicy enough. cook your bacon if you haven’t done so already. to assemble the sandwiches, spread your mayo on a slice of bread. put the chicken on top of that. i used the 3 slices of bread per sandwich for these clubs because i have boys in the house. hungry, hungry boys .. two dinky little slices of bread were just not going to abolish their hunger. not even with the hand cut french fries i served on the side. anyway, you can use however many pieces you’d like. i’m not judging. on top of that second slice, i layer turkey, cheese slice, bacon, lettuce, tomato. Spread some more mayo or your mustard on the other bread slice and top it off. cut it in half. use a frilly toothpick if you must . (“how do you feel about frilly toothpicks?” “we’re for ’em!” “well then this club is formed”. mitch hedberg anyone? anyone? oh well. i giggle alone).



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