beer marinated chicken …

because i farking love beer can chicken, but it’s SUCH a pain in my ass to actually make. fitting the can on the bird is always difficult, then it never stays upright, falls over, spilling beer all over the grill, and then i have to wrestle with slippery, beer soaked chicken trying to get it back upright, and then i just get mad and have to try really hard not to just chuck the whole chicken across the yard. it’s a very stressful situation, this beer can chicken. and yes, i know, i know, they have a device that’s supposed to make it all very, very simple and mess free but i just haven’t gotten around to actually ordering one yet. and it’s 29.99. that’s $30 i could spend on … beer. but now, i don’t have to buy one, because i took last night’s dinner inspiration from Rachael Ray (of course) and changed it all up to fit what i wanted for dinner. and it was good! up until the rain started to roll in again and thunderstorms unexpectedly fell while i was grilling. but like i always say, i’m very, very dedicated to the grill and a little inclement weather never stopped me. but the winds were blowing hard enough to knock stuff off of my porch and across the street, so the fire wasn’t cooperating with me. i had to move the rest of the operation indoors. still, the chicken spent enough time on the grill to cook most of the way through. i was pleased … if you have a hard time cooking beer and chicken, try this one of these days. it is, as the kids say, full of win …

Beer Marinated Chicken (original recipe here), with Grilled Potato Slabs

You Need:

1 can of beer (duh)
a package of 8 piece whole cut up chicken
salt and pepper
minced garlic cloves

combine all of this in a bowl and marinate it. preferably overnight. heat your grill up to medium. lay the marinated chicken on the grill and cook until the juices run clear.

for the Potatoes:

wash and bake some large baking potatoes for like, 20-30 minutes. you don’t want them all the way done. remove them from the grill or the oven and let them cool. slice them into 1/2 inch thick slices (i cut mine long-ways, not short). toss the slices with olive oil and salt and pepper. lay these on the grill and grill them until they’re done and have really nice grill marks on them. serve with the chicken pieces.



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