new pancake recipe alert!

man i love facebook. and i love pancakes. and i love my friend Amanda who gives me new recipes for pancakes on facebook. and such a coincidence too, because this particular recipe uses peaches and i just bought some at the grocery store … they’re delicious in any application, but doubly so in this recipe-ish recipe. there are no real measurements here, just toss and stir. so if that bothers you, i suggest you get over it and just make these pancakes any way you can. it’s a great way to use fresh, ripe fruit, and it’s different from your usual berry pancakes …

Amanda’s Vanilla Peach Pancakes

You need:

4 tablespoons or so of butter, melted
about 1/3 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 to 2 tablespoons vanilla (this is important – these cakes had MAJOR vanilla flavor and that’s the point of this recipe. don’t skimp, skimpy vanilla users. i will hunt you down if you do)
a 3-finger pinch of baking powder (if i had to guess, i’d say my pinch equaled … 1/2 tablespoon. maybe a full one. i don’t know. just use your three fingers. don’t bother me about numbers. seriously.)
about 3/4 to 1 cup flour
enough milk to make all this into a pancakey consistency
1 to 2 small-medium ripe peaches, diced

i put all the ingredients minus the milk into Tallulah Grape and just kept mixing on low. it gets to be a pretty, smooth batter (with a wonderful vanilla aroma, i might add, if you listened to me and used the amount of vanilla i told you to use). add enough milk to make it the right consistency. you’ll know what that is. you don’t want it super thin (unless you want crepes, but i don’t think the peaches would do so well in thin crepey batter) and you don’t want it so thick a spoon will stand unsupported. heat your griddle or melt some butter in a non stick pan, ladle your batter onto said cooking device, and cook these babies until they’re done. eat with butter and maple syrup. thank Amanda for the divine Sunday breakfast … thanks Amanda!



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