i watch too much t.v.

i generally feel that people who are cutthroat about competitions, usually are that way because they don’t seem to have much of a leg to stand on by way of natural talent. they have to resort to war tactics in order to win their competition. at least that’s how i feel about the current cast of Next Food Network Star. I was very pleased they let go of that douchbag Brett last week and there was no excuse for Eddie’s being so down on Melissa for being an amateur when he himself displays an obvious lack of real culinary knowledge. that kind of loathing he displayed seems really disrespectful to the viewers. um, most of Food Network’s audience are home cooks right? so what’s that say to them that these contestants are trying to make themselves out to be better than Melissa for being a home cook? A home cook like them? Anyway, I was very happy to see him go home, too. His weird eyes were starting to get on my nerves even more than his douchey attitude. Now this Teddy fellow obviously has some issues. He can’t be himself, he turns into a quivering, braying moron on camera, and i can’t, for the life of me, remember any dish he’s made. Then he pulls the same shit his counterpart in assholery did last week, and tries to claim credit for something he had but a small hand in. C’mon people. if you have to resort to lies and trickery to get ahead in a competition, you’re obviously lacking that thing called “talent.” the only competitor I genuinely like on a personal level is Michael. and it seems he can really cook. otherwise, everyone else: “yawn.”  I’d even take back Lisa and her anal beads (Dlisted joke) for some excitement … anyway, I’m on Team Michael. Goooo Michael …


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