stuff … and things … and waffles!

i ran out of maple syrup two weeks ago and am currently awaiting a shipment of more, straight from our favorite supplier in Vermont … while i love  a good poached egg on a nice, toasted english muffin, i’m a little tired of eggs in the morning, just to have a quick breakfast. so i broke out the Krusteze brand pancake mix (don’t look at me like that-i wasn’t about to make from scratch waffles at 6:30 in the morning when the homemade waffle recipe calls for separating eggs and beating up egg whites. i looked at Tallulah Grape and her egg white beating attachment and she said “bitch, please. go get the mix. So i did.) and made waffles this morning. i solved my syrup problem with a nice warm, syrup-like blueberry compote.

Blueberry Compote

You Need:

2 1/2 cups frozen or fresh blueberries
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup water

place 1 1/2 cups of blueberries in a pot with the water and sugar. heat over medium-low for about 10 minutes, stirring often, until the blueberries burst. stir in the remaining cup of blueberries and cook until the whole thing coats a spoon (8 minutes or so). serve it warm, or make it early and chill it in a jar in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.




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2 responses to “stuff … and things … and waffles!

  1. My husband would love these!!! He tries to get me to make waffles all the time… and even though I was really really excited to get a waffle maker… it’s kind of a pain to use!

  2. rebekah

    it can be a pain, but it’s easier sometimes to just use the mix and stick that in there. 🙂 the blueberry topping though makes it worth it 🙂

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