garden update

i know, i know, this is probably so boring, but i’m so proud of my first real garden. we picked peas today and came up with a TON. and we’ll probably have to pick again next week. the beets are getting big, there’s little red potatoes, the onions are larger and larger, and the carrots are actually little carrots.



i can’t wait to saute these babies in crushed garlic and olive oil and toss them with the green onions from the garden …


these are the smallest of the onions in the patch, currently.

i’ll be back later with a slightly modified version of Smitten Kitchen’s Oatmeal Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies, and starting tonight (until Friday), I will be making one recipe per night from Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book. I got it for Christmas, bookmarked a bunch of recipes, and then didn’t make them, so it’s time. and i’m planning on really trying hard not to deviate too much from them as originally written, so we’ll see



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2 responses to “garden update

  1. jewelboxer

    i am SOOOOO jealous of your garden! that produce is just beautiful. are you going to jar any veggies for winter? i’m thinking about roasting and jarring some summer tomatoes with basil and rosemary.

  2. rebekah

    i want to pickle some of the beets we grow and we’ll most likely freeze the peas – between our patch and erik’s mom’s, we will have TONS of those. if we could grow tomatoes sans greenhouses here i would totally jar some for use in spaghetti sauces, etc. i love those canned roasted tomatoes with the basil in them, but they’re like $4 a can!!

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