cooking another book

…namely, Ina Garten’s latest. we’re not full blown Barefoot Contessa fans in my house. in fact, we kind of find her to be a tad on the haughty and pretentious side. having said that though, bitch does know her food and her recipes are pretty fabulous. erik has begrudgingly gotten used to the fact that i will buy and actually use Rachael Ray cookbooks and will admit he likes her recipes (though the mere sight of her or the sound of her voice makes him want to ram pencils into his eyeballs) but i’ve got to break him into Ina gently. and yes i’m aware that sounded very, very wrong. i started Sunday night with her recipe for Confetti Corn and it garnered good reviews. it’s a simple and quick little summer side dish that went well with a whole roasted chicken (made in the oven though it was really too hot to be using an oven, with a softened herby butter with fresh thyme – from the garden – lemon zest, finely minced garlic, salt, pepper, and rosemary rubbed all over the outside and underneath the skin). but i’m all for summer corn dishes and this is a good one for when you’re tired of grilling corn on the cob …

Confetti Corn
courtesy Ina Garten

you need:

corn, preferably freshly cut off the cob
a colored bell pepper (her recipe calls for an orange but my cheap ass wasn’t about to pay over $2.00 for an orange bell pepper. so we compromised with a $1.39 red bell. sigh.)
onion, chopped
olive oil
salt and pepper
fresh basil, chiffonade-d (roll it up and make thin slices)
fresh chives, snipped (from the garden, of course)

heat the olive oil. add the onion and cook until softened. add the bell pepper and the corn. cook this until things look reasonably cooked through (but don’t cook them all mushy and weird). salt and pepper to taste. stir in the basil and chives off heat and serve it warm. and yes, my mother in law DID make her signature twice baked potatoes with cheese on top and i totally used her leftovers as an excuse not to make any more food than i absolutely had to. god bless you, eilene and your potatoes.



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