“i’ll buy you a kabab”

so somebody i know did a silly thing months ago (okay it was me) and purchased some small spice containers of things i don’t use that often. so there’s a small jar of turmeric, ground ginger, ground cloves, etc. now the ginger and cloves come in handy come fruit pie time (and will be good for pumpkin pie time of course) but to waste that good, pungent turmeric would be a terrible waste. and i’m not *that* into indian food. i mean i like a good bit of it, but it’s just not something i would eat everyday. and yes, i’m aware there’s probably LOTS of other applications for the spice, but i haven’t had time to look them up. The newer Bon Appetit cookbook (that big, green monster of a cookbook that Interlibrary-loaned from my local library) has a recipe in it for chicken tikka kabobs. chicken, a yogurt spice marinade, AND i don’t even have to turn on the stove to make it? hell yes … i heartily recommend that book, by the way. it’s not very expensive either, for as large as it is …

Chicken Tikka Kabobs

you need:

boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into cubes
lemon juice
salt and pepper
plain yogurt
garlic cloves, minced
coriander, ground, or cilantro, chopped
ground cloves
olive oil
whole pitas
parsley, chopped
mint, chopped
dried thyme
dried rosemary

marinate the chicken with some lemon juice, salt and pepper. thread the chicken pieces onto soaked wooden skewers, or metal ones, whatever. in a bowl, mix the yogurt, garlic, turmeric, cumin, ground cloves, cilantro or coriander, pepper, and cayenne together. brush this onto all sides of the chicken pieces. pop these on the grill and cook them until they’re nice and brown and done. meanwhile, brush some olive oil onto the pitas. sprinkle the parsley, mint, thyme, rosemary (and maybe a leeetle salt) on top. either grill these or pop them into the oven until they’re warm and toasty. i served the chicken pieces on top of the pitas with some of Alton Brown’s Tzaziki Sauce drizzled on top. and yes, i did have leftover asparagus and green onions i had to use that i just grilled and threw on the plate. very yum.



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