boring old chicken breasts

are … boring. but add a little beer and a bunch of spices, pop them on the grill, chop them up, put them in a tortilla – and *boom*. they’re exciting again. or if not exciting then at least pretty damn tasty.*

Beer Marinated Chicken Tacos
from Serious Eats

You Need:

chicken breasts
a bottle of mexican beer (like Negra Modelo. i however, wasn’t about to go make a liquor store run so i just used a bottle of Killian’s Irish Red. Same difference to me.)
salt and pepper
garlic cloves, minced
dried mexican oregano
cayenne pepper
a few drops of sesame oil
your favorite guacamole recipe
corn tortillas

put the chicken breasts in a bowl. sprinkle all over with salt, pepper, garlic cloves, oregano, cayenne, sesame oil, and the beer. cover and marinate a couple of hours or overnight. heat up your grill. cook the breasts until they’re cooked through. transfer to a platter. let them sit a few minutes. make your guacamole and warm your tortillas. i sliced up some cabbage for our tacos, too. chop the chicken into bits and pieces. make tacos with them. drink a beer with them.


cooking music: Steve Earle “Townes”

p.s. i know my posts have been boring as of late, but bear with me please. i’m way burned out on life right now and i’m making myself (with threats of sticking sharpened pencils into my eyeballs) be positive … it’s not easy, but lots of new recipes helps …



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3 responses to “boring old chicken breasts

  1. these look marvelous (especially since i’m eating food from chipotle right now, which is really close, and i’m totally digging my lunch).

    Hang in there, whatever’s burning you out. *hug*

    • rebekah

      they were awesome and esp. easy. i’m digging all things awesome and easy lately.

      thanks, dude. it’s just life getting to me, is all, and life in the particular town in which i live is frustrating much of the time. i’ll get over it soon enough – i’m making my first ever coq au vin this weekend!!

  2. I definitely have to try these… and I think I have a few bottle of Negro Modelo Especial downstairs!

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