time keeps slipping away …

and i’m woefully behind on blogging. i’ve made quite a few noteworthy meals lately and today the baking gods have smiled upon me. i’m talking EPIC SUCCESS in baking two gorgeous loaves of french bread and a chocolate cake that should have been baked in a bundt pan, but since mine took off to who knows where, it’s a tube pan cake. but it’s still chocolatey, moist and delicious. but those are different posts for another time. here’s a beef soup my mom used to make a thousand different ways and each way i have it says “home” to me. caldo de res is a staple in the tex mex restaurants at home as well; something i’d far rather eat at lunchtime on a Sunday rather than nasty old menudo. if you’re mexican or well familiar with mexican food, you know what i mean. unless you actually like menudo and in that case, you’re nasty. and i don’t mind telling you that … here, put down the yucky menudo. eat this instead …

Caldo De Res

You Need:

beef, cut into cubes (i used diced up tri tip roast)
salt and pepper
olive or vegetable oil
minced garlic cloves
dried mexican oregano
chopped onion
beef broth
roma tomatoes, diced
carrots, coarsely chopped
cilantro, chopped
a potato (or two, depending on the size of them), quartered
ear of corn, cut into two
chayote, if you have it or can get it. if not, no big. just leave it out.
cabbage, cut into wedges

heat the oil in a soup pot. toss the beef cubes with garlic, salt, pepper, oregano. add the beef to the pot and sear until well browned all over. add the chopped onion and cook until those are browned (lightly). add the beef broth and tomatoes (enough beef broth to cover the beef et al. reduce the heat to low and simmer for about an hour (or until the beef is pretty tender). you’ll need some more water in this after the hour of cooking. add it, then the carrots, cilantro, potato, corn and chayote if you’re using it. adjust your seasonings – you might need some more salt and pepper. simmer until the vegetables are tender. add the cabbage wedges and cook for about ten minutes, until the cabbage is softer, but not mushy. ladle the soup into bowls. top with fresh chopped cilantro, lime juice, minced onion, radishes, or pickled jalapenos. eat this with hot corn tortillas.

see? way better than menudo…



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