sandwich week, night no. 1 …

happened to be very convenient because erik helps out the owners of our local liquor store when they need an extra hand, so he worked saturday night. these sandwiches traveled very well, were easy to assemble, and just as easily made into a meal with a bag of tortilla chips on the side … sometimes RR inadvertently makes your life a little easier with her recipes so for that i raise her cool points just a little higher … and that’s the reason i will never un-subscribe from her magazine, no matter if watching her tv shows sometimes hurts my ears. i can always find at least a few days worth of really good meal ideas in them. if you’re not a subscriber, you should be, or at least get them from your local library. mine carries it now, but i like not having to share it with anyone …

Chicken Suizas Sandwiches
adapted from the September issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray

You Need:

chicken breasts (boneless, skinless is fine)*
lime or lemon juice
salt and pepper
dried oregano
garlic powder
2 garlic cloves, whole
1 large jalapeno, seeded and deveined if you prefer but cut in half lengthwise
5-6 smallish tomatillos (paper off please)
olive oil
1/4 white onion, chopped
handful of cilantro, chopped
about 1/4 cup sour cream
juice of a lime
shredded monterey jack cheese
sandwich roll, split and toasted (i used thick slices of a rustic italian loaf with garlic cloves baked right into the bread, toasted right on the grill with a drizzle of olive oil on both bread sides before i toasted them)

*in the original recipe, Rachael uses store bought rotisserie chicken de-skinned and shredded and jarred salsa verde, which is fine for extra convenience, but it was saturday and i really like making tomatillo sauce … you do whatever you like best.

marinate your chicken in the lemon or lime juice and well coated with the salt and pepper, oregano, garlic powder, and cumin. grill these until the juices run clear when pricked. set aside to cool a moment. while you’re grilling the chicken, in a bowl drizzle olive oil over the garlic cloves, tomatillos, and jalapeno. arrange these on some foil doubled over and grill them as well, watching those garlic cloves so that they don’t get too done. you just want them softened and roast-y. put the garlic cloves, jalapeno halves, and tomatillos into a blender and whizz it altogether until you’ve got a nice sauce. heat some oil (like 1/2 Tablespoon) in a saute pan. cook your onions until they’re softened. add the tomatillo sauce to the pan and mix together. add the chopped cilantro, then stir in the sour cream. stir in the lime juice. salt and pepper if you need to. when the chicken has sufficiently cooled, chop into little pieces. in a bowl mix the chicken with the tomatillo sauce. arrange some of your tomatillo chicken on top of the sandwich roll (or bread slice, whatever), sprinkle a little cheese on top of that, and set at a non heated part of your grill (or in the oven) just to melt the cheese). if you want you can top this with more fresh chopped onion and cilantro or even tomatoes. top with the other part of your sandwich roll or bread slice. serve with tortilla chips.


cooking music: The Last Waltz



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3 responses to “sandwich week, night no. 1 …

  1. YUM!!! This sounds AWESOME!!!

  2. son

    ya know we should consider doing a food blog together, make a production of it and sell lots of ads and get foodtv to sponsor us. whaddaya think?

    • rebekah

      i say you still have the best ideas ever. you’d have to handle the photography of said blog though. mine’s crap 🙂

      i would be happy if i had the kind of blog that was moderately popular enough to where people sent food products to me! i’ve got some frozen spring rolls i love that i’m always pimping that i’d like them to send me a case of!

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