birthday cake madness!

i really enjoy baking and decorating cakes, but man am i glad i don’t do this for a living. i had to skip work today to complete it (and in no way am i complaining about that – i needed the day off anyway) and i have a bag of cake scraps from trimming the domes off the cake layers and leftover buttercream. if that’s not friday perfection, i just don’t know what is. anyway, this isn’t a recipe post, but a bragging one. this is my father in law’s birthday cake. alternating layers of yellow butter cake and chocolate cake (4 untorted layers, total), my buttercream, and fondant accents. i made the fondant pearl border, erik made the bullets, and we both worked on the icing “gunshots” on top of the target. the actual design was adapted from a CakeCentral user…


the candles, which i love, were purchased at Spoon Sisters

100_0014erik’s bullets

baking & decorating music: La Ley,MTV Unplugged & Bob Dylan, Infidels


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