sandwich week, night no. 6

aaaaaaand we close this sandwich-y week with another Rachael Ray special, double decker chipotle (or chipot-ay if you’re aaron mccargo jr.) chicken clubs.  i did indeed purchase a small can of chipotles just for this recipe, but there’s another one in the same magazine from which i’ve cribbed almost all of this week’s dinner that uses them so they will not be wasted. i like not wasting things … i have to say this was my second favorite of the week, coming in very, very closely next to that pizza crudo. i love the flavor of chipotle and mixed with plain mayo and chicken it made an excellent very quick chicken salad of sorts, and even better paired with slices of avocados …

Double Decker Chipotle Chicken Clubs
adapted from the September issue of Every day with Rachael Ray

You Need:

bacon slices
garlic, finely chopped
lemon juice
a couple chipotle chilis chopped and a good sized couple of plops of the sauce
cilantro, chopped
shredded chicken (she uses rotisserie, i oil my breasts up (hee) with salt, pepper and garlic powder and bake them til they’re done, then cut them into small pieces)
white or wheat sandwich bread, toasted
watercress (i hadn’t eaten since cereal at 7 a.m. and made cake all day so by 5:30 p.m. i was starving. i didn’t even attempt to go clean my mesclun greens for inclusion on this sandwich(we don’t have any watercress). oh well.)

cook the bacon until browned, drain. in a bowl, stir together the mayo, garlic and lemon juice. stir the chipotle and sauce and cilantro into the rest of the mayo mixture. add the chicken to this mixture and stir it all up until the chicken is coated. top some bread slices with chicken salad and the greens. spread some of the mayo on both sides of more toast and set on top of the greens. top with avocado slices and the bacon. spread more mayo on remaining toast slices and top your sandwich.



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  1. YUM!!!! Chipotle is one of my FAVORITE flavors!

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