fancy baked potatoes

i tried a version of these potatoes once and with one slip of my knife irreparably destroyed what i was trying to do. and then i forgot i ever did them until i ran across this recipe on a new (to me) recipe blog. these are a very good side dish if you don’t mind turning on your oven. plus there’s whole slices of garlic in between the slices of potato and that just sold me on it right then and there. i served these alongside a pork schnitzel sandwich and corn on the cob. all in all a very summery dish and i’m determined to hold onto the last gasping breaths of summer that are upon us. i can feel snow in my bones (and the return of winter soups and stews) … but for now, i’m enjoying my final summer dishes …

Hasselback Potatoes (i don’t like the name of these because they remind me of a certain exceptionally obnoxious and idiotic television personality)
recipe courtesy Sea Salt With Food

You Need:

a few medium-largeish baking potatoes, scrubbed
olive oil
garlic cloves, cut into thin slices

cut a thin strip off the bottom of the potato (lengthwise) so it will lay flat on the cutting board. using a sharp knife (and carefully – i’m not to be held responsible if your fool self cuts … yourself), cut slits in the potatoes, but don’t cut all the way through to the bottom. almost to the bottom. do this the length of the potato. insert the garlic slices in the slits you’ve cut in the potatoes. put the potato on a baking sheet. salt and pepper the potato, dot with butter, and drizzle with olive oil. bake in a 400 degree oven for about an hour, or until when you poke at the potatoes, they’re done.

100_0003that pork schnitzel sandwich, if you’re interested, consists of a piece of boneless pork chop (or a piece of pork loin) banged thin (not paper thin, but enough so that the pork will cook through and the outside won’t burn). this i salt and pepper, dredge in flour, dip in beaten egg, then coat with panko bread crumbs. i fry these in a little oil until they’re well browned and crispy all over and the pork inside is done. i drain them, salt them a bit, then place the cutlets on a really fresh, delicious sandwich roll that has some mayo on it. i top the cutlets with watercress and tomato slices.

cooking music: Better Than Ezra, Friction Baby (i loved these guys in high school. why did i forget how much i loved them?)


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