breakfast for dinner

huevos rancheros in my house used to consist of simply fried eggs and red salsa (or sometimes green, if we were feeling fancy) eaten scooped up with refried beans and flour tortillas. for some reason that i forget, i started making them on crisp tostada shells and have not returned to the familiar way of making them since. these are pretty substantial and rather fun to eat, with the hot beans smeared on top of the shell, maybe some white cheese sprinkled on, topped with an egg sunny side and liberally doused in the sauce. equally agreeable to my dinner ravaging senses, is the fact that you technically don’t need a fork for this. just pick it up. that’s what they made napkins for, right? i didn’t go all out making a big mexican dinner even though it is a very cool holiday (mexican independence day) because dammit, i’m tired. it’s been a long few weeks at work. crispy and yolky, oddly enough, was the perfect antidote for that.

Rebekah’s Huevos Rancheros
You Need:

storebought corn tortillas
oil or Pam
refried beans
eggs, cooked sunny side up
garlic, minced
diced white onion
chopped cilantro
coarse salt and pepper
jalapenos, sliced in half, de seeded and de veined

turn the oven to 400. cut the tomatoes in half. drizzle olive oil over them and the jalapeno slices. sprinkle with salt, pepper and oregano. roast these in the ovens until the tomatoes are all roasty and the jalapenos are browned and blistery. put these into a blender. puree them. set aside. rub oil on both sides of your tortillas, or spray Pam on the sides. set on a cookie sheet and bake these, turning over at least once to get them crisped and browned evenly. remove from the oven and set aside. if your beans aren’t already mashed, do that. in a skillet, heat some oil, add the onions and minced garlic. cook until the onions are soft. pour the tomatoe puree into the oil and let it come together. sprinkle your cilantro in, taste for salt and pepper. you’ll end up with a rather thin sauce and that’s fine. Cook your eggs sunny side up, or over easy, or however you like them.

to assemble, smear your refried beans on the crispy tortilla shell. if you want to add cheese, go ahead, queso fresco is fine, as is cheddar and monterey jack. place your egg on top. spoon some sauce on top of the egg.




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