vacation all i ever wanted

we will be going home (my home) TOMORROW for our annual vacation. we are flying into Austin and i fully expect to be gorging myself at the Salt Lick tomorrow evening. we’re staying until October 5th for the Austin City Limits Festival, then staying a couple days in San Antonio, then to South Padre Island so Erik can do some bay fishing, then to Houston for a few days before we make our way back. I am so excited i could spit. i have a list of places to eat as long as my leg (that’s pretty long).

::muffled screaming::

happy happy happy happy happy to destroy my diet …



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4 responses to “vacation all i ever wanted

  1. Joy

    You need to pick a place in Houston for us to eat at!

  2. rebekah

    i know. i was thinking a good mexican place, but then again i don’t eat that often in Houston 😛 what’s good and not over the top expensive?

  3. have a fantastic trip, i’m jealous! my connection in austin has moved, so i no longer have a reason to visit. 😦

  4. Joy

    Jesus, the list could go on and on! Where is somewhere that you’ve wanted to go? I know you read Texas Monthly and lots of good stuff makes it in there.

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