a fresh look at pizza

it’s not just the greasy fast food it’s usually depicted as. i recently found a slew of new pizza recipes (sauceless ones!) in a recent issue of Real Simple and the one we tried last night really worked out well for me. since i’m so dissatisfied with my pizza sauce – and when i have time, if i survive flu season, i will be back to tinkering and trying new things to make me actually like my pizza sauce – i do a double-take when i see recipes that don’t include them. we made that lovely white pizza not long ago with the herbed ricotta that was really awesome and this tomato, scallion, and black olive pizza was one of those really perfect Friday night meals. we make so many different versions of pizza that i think it’s starting to become one of those meals that we really perfect and can execute well each time no matter what we do with it. i love the variations upon variations of pizza. here, i ended up including cheese even though the original recipe doesn’t because, well we love cheese in this house. even our Cracker-dog loves cheese. it’s his favorite meal. if you even say “cheese” he comes running and begging … so don’t be afraid to use cheese on this. don’t be a cheese hater. cheese never did anything to you.

Tomato, Scallion and Olive Pizza
recipe adapted from Real Simple magazine (i think)

You Need:
pizza dough
olive oil
like a 1/2 Tablespoon butter
italian seasoning
sea salt
1 1/2 tomatoes or 1 large tomato, sliced very thinly
scallions, green part, diced
black olives (we just used a small can of pre-sliced)
grated provolone
grated mozzarella

heat the oven to 425. roll out your dough on a floured counter and fit it onto a greased, sprinkled with cornmeal pizza pan. melt your butter with your olive oil and brush this onto the crust. sprinkle the italian seasoning and the sea salt all over the crust. bake it until it’s browned and mostly done to your liking. remove from the oven and sprinkle your cheeses on top. arrange the tomato slices first, then sprinkle with scallions and olives. bake this again until the cheese has melted and the crust has browned a deeper brown color.



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