taco taco

because i don’t like old el paso or any of those other cardboard tasting crispy shells. and these were a lot easier. especially since the masa king made them and not me …

Homemade Taco Shells
from America’s Test Kitchen Anniversary cookbook

You Need:

corn tortillas
a deep skillet for frying

heat up your oil to about 350-375. with a pair of tongs, lower one side of a corn tortilla into the hot oil (carefully!). using a long offset spatula, press (gently) into the middle, creating a shell shape. hold it like this until the side in the oil has crisped. carefully flip the tortilla over to crisp the other side. drain on paper towels. serve with your favorite taco stuff.



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6 responses to “taco taco

  1. Joy

    Can you and the Masa King some make us some tacos?!?!?

  2. rebekah

    for sure. and they would be the best gd tacos you’ve ever had 😉

    okay that’s probably stretching it but they’re pretty good…

  3. Joy

    Right now, the best tacos I’ve had are the following (in no particular order):
    1. Barbacoa tacos from Taqueria del Sol
    2. Veggie tacos from El Camino in San Diego

  4. rebekah

    ::makes buggy eyes:: i want those tacos.

  5. Joy

    They were SOOOOOO good! They are tiny little tacos, but they pack a punch of flavor!

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