sandwich week!

again, yes, i know. i probably should have spaced these sandwich dinner ideas out to go along with my “not using as much red meat and chicken” menu planning, but i’m looking forward to not dealing with big dinner making this week. saturday night we kicked off sandwich week with a sort of made up chicken concoction (i’m sure someone else somewhere has come up with this too – i just started slapping stuff on a roll) and Pioneer Woman’s onion strings.

Chicken and Artichoke Subs

You Need:

smallish boneless skinless chicken breasts
salt and pepper
cayenne pepper
garlic powder
sub rolls, split and toasted
good ranch dressing
provolone cheese
artichoke hearts, drained

season some flour with salt, pepper, cayenne and garlic powder. lightly bread the chicken breasts. heat some oil in a skillet. brown the chicken on both sides. if they’re thin enough to cook through on the stovetop, cool. mine were slightly thicker so i browned them on stovetop, then stuck them in the oven to cook through. when these are done, set them aside to cool a little, then slice them into uh slices. spread some ranch dressing on the bottom of the roll. assemble some chicken slices on the roll. top with artichoke hearts, some provolone, and sprouts. replace the roll top. cut in half. serve with Pioneer Woman’s Onion Strings.


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