15 Minute Meals

it was just soup night tonight, because i took a mental health day off from work and i don’t want to waste one precious second of not-being-at-work time (because i cannot stand being at work anymore – it’s a long story). so i was pretty surprised to start this lovely soup and 15 minutes later, it was pretty much done. all this in between rounds of Cafe World on facebook and what an easygoing dinner.

Chicken and Spinach Soup
recipe adapted from Delish.com
Note: in the original recipe there is a basil pesto that is supposed to be included in this soup – i had basil, but it was all wilty and gross so i left it out. i do think though, that this would be even more fantastic with it. take a look at the link up there for the original recipe.

You Need:

boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into cubes
olive oil
onion, diced
carrot, sliced
garlic, minced
chicken stock
dried marjoram
baby spinach, coarsely chopped
1 can cannellini beans

heat the oil in a soup pot. salt and pepper the chicken. add the chicken pieces, onion and carrots. cook until the chicken is lightly browned. add in the garlic. cook for a minute. stir in the chicken stock, marjoram, spinach and cannellini beans. let this all cook together on medium for a few minutes. serve with a little grated parmesan and some crispy bread.



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2 responses to “15 Minute Meals

  1. emily

    i thought you should know i made this yesterday because it has spinach in it, and that is the only green thing billy will eat. it was really yummy and really simple! thank you thank you thank you! i get dinner from you all the time. oh i threw some orzo in at the end because he’s a carb whore. ..and so am i.

  2. rebekah

    hey awesome – i am going to have to try it with orzo or some other teeny pasta now because that sounds really good.

    and tell billy to buck up and start eating some veg – it’s no fun to have to hide veg in food for a grown ass man. i lived with my brother for a long time and he’s a total veg-a-phobe, so trust me, i know. 😉

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