foodstuffs & leftovers

well, frozen leftovers i should say. remember that huge pile of tamales i made in november? i thought i gave most of them away but it turns out they reproduce magically in the deep freeze. i have about 6 dozen still wrapped up in there as we speak. erik’s uncle told him he liked to eat them with eggs so of course erik wanted some with eggs. it’s super easy to do – just warm your tamales through and make some fried eggs – over easy, sunny, whatever you want. place those eggs on top of the cooked tamales. cover that with some chopped veggies (onions, tomatoes, cilantro) and maybe some refried beans, if you’re so inclined. ta da. nice breakfast

our Sunday Sweets for today come from the Baking Bites blog. erik isn’t generally a fan of frosting, but i *might* make that buttercream. might.

my dinner menu for the week includes: Ranch Chicken and Dumplings, Herb and Ricotta Ravioli (with homemade pasta!) and tomato-basil sauce, braised beef stew, chicken kebabs, lemon orzo with brussels sprouts, crispy pork cutlets, and skirt steak with chili roasted potatoes. i’ll (hopefully) be blogging all week so look for these awesome recipes …


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