more breakfast, please

i fully meant to do omelets this morning but erik had to be to work semi-early and it’s a job all in itself getting him out of bed. he whines, cajoles, moans, growls and everything else he can think of to not have to physically get out of the bed. i’ve threatened murder many times and i think i’m going to have to hire someone to take over the task of waking him up because that threat – i meant it this time. (fear me). anyway, this morning’s battle seriously cut into my omelet making time so i did the next best thing: a vegetable egg scramble. all the goodness of a veggie filled omelet with none of the work. plus, according to a food journal i’ve been keeping, for all my best intentions i am not filling out my meals with the necessary servings of fruits and vegetables. this is a good beginning to taking care of said servings and right in the a.m., too.

Vegetable Egg Scramble

You need:
eggs, scrambled
a couple big handfuls of baby spinach leaves
some white onion, diced
button mushrooms, sliced
olive oil

heat a teaspoon of olive oil with a teaspoon of butter. add the onions, mushrooms, and spinach. cook until everything has softened and the spinach is wilty. salt and pepper the scrambled up eggs and add them to the party. cook the eggs to your desired degree of doneness (we like ours soft scrambled). serve with a slice of canadian bacon and some toast.

cooking music: the sweet, sweet sounds of whining husband


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