oooh barracuda

that has nothing to do with anything related to dinner except i was singing that the whole time i was making it. and i wasn’t even listening to that. at all. my mind works in weird ways … so onwards we march towards meatless meals and last night’s dinner, courtesy the wonderful blog Ezra Pound Cake was pretty awesome. i’m not one for pasta bakes, usually, though erik is. so i knew there’d be no poking and skeptical faces, like he gives my asian food and oatmeal breakfasts. instead there was three heaping helpings and i don’t blame him. i like this roasting vegetables thing, especially paired with penne and a really simple, good marinara.

Roasted Vegetable Penne
recipe adapted from Ezra Pound Cake, via Giada De Laurentiis

You Need:

red bell pepper, rough chopped
onion, diced
yellow squash, rough chopped
zucchini, rough chopped
mushrooms, sliced
olive oil
italian herb mix or herbs de provence
salt and pepper

more diced onion
basil, chiffonade-ed
parsley, finely chopped
a can of Italian plum tomatoes
garlic cloves, crushed
salt and pepper

penne pasta
shredded mozzarella
grated parmesan

heat a large pot of water. boil it, salt it, cook your pasta al dente. drain it and set it aside.

heat the oven to 450 while your water is coming to a boil. in a bowl, mix together the bell pepper, onion, squash, zucchini, and mushrooms. toss with a good drizzle of olive oil. season with salt, pepper, and whichever herb mixture you chose to use. pop this mixture onto a foil lined baking sheet and stick it in the oven. you’re going to roast this until the veggies are soft and roasty, stirring them around once in awhile.

if your canned italian tomatoes are whole, whiz them in the blender until they’re not. otherwise, heat a tablespoon or so of olive oil in a saucepan. cook your onions and minced garlic on medium-low until the onions are soft and translucent. stir in the tomatoes, the parsley and basil. season with salt and pepper. let this simmer until heated through and slightly bubbly.

grease a baking dish (i made just enough to fill an 8×8 inch pan, although the original measurements and such has enough for a 9×13 inch. see the link above for the original recipe with all the correct measurements, by the way.

in a bowl, mix together the pasta, some marinara, the veggies, and some grated parmesan. toss this into your prepared baking dish. top with mozzarella. bake at 375 until the cheese has melted.


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