B.O.B Friday

if you’re privy to a Whataburger, then you’re familiar with this breakfast menu option, from a fast food chain i actually really enjoy. if you’ve been to a really good Whataburger and ordered this and got it on a fresh, hot burger bun it’s a really delicious, albeit not the healthiest, breakfast. if you’ve ever been to a sub par Whataburger, or ordered one right before breakfast shifts into lunch and gotten it on a stale bun with slightly cold filling, this no recipe recipe is for you. or say you live a Whataburger-less existence in a state you never would have thought to visit let alone live in. then you want to make one of these. it will make you feel better about your Whataburger-less existence, at least for a few hours.

B(reakfast). O(n). a B(un).
just like they make at Whataburger

You Need:

a burger bun (we used leftover stone ground wheat buns we already had in the freezer)
softened butter
2 eggs
4 slices bacon (or 6 if you really really like bacon)

butter your buns (ha). place them in the broiler and lightly toast them. remove and set aside. cook your bacon slices until crisp. heat up a lightly greased non stick pan. break your eggs into the pan. lightly break the yolk in the middle. cook them how you like them – for us, that’s just barely done. some people like their eggs done to death with those crispy brown spots all over them. i am not one of those people. i cooked mine until just set on both sides. slide the egg onto the bottom half of the bun. arrange your bacon on top. top with the other bun. (yes i served my oh-so-healthy BOB with fried potatoes. i’m very anti diet today. so what)?


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