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sigh. so i indulged a little too much over the holidays and have found that i am indeed five pounds heavier. i guess my only consolation can be that i didn’t gain that much weight over the course of last year. but i still have my annual doctor’s appointment in June and since I don’t like being a disappointment, i have jumped off the deep end into the healthier eating pool. the good news though is that the snow has finally melted away enough for me to take the dogs for nice long walks which is my preferred method of getting exercise. i like to tool around in the garden for hours or walk or go on wood gathering expeditions with erik for exercise. i do not like treadmilling or anything of that nature. it’s so BORING. so for about 5 months i don’t get much exercise because i’m stuck indoors away from the snow. couple that with a grocery store sale on ghirardelli’s boxed brownie mixes and hello weight gain.

but my friend Son posted a photo on facebook of a dinner he did with spice-rubbed chicken over jasmine rice topped with cilantro, onion and limes. i retooled it with boneless, skinless chicken breasts, added some pinto beans i had lying around, and used our brand new early anniversary joint-gift (a really awesome stainless steel kenmore grill) to grill some poblano strips and red onion slices and there. healthy dinner that i actually really enjoyed. really. it didn’t leave me craving a bacon cheeseburger and fudgy brownies. (anymore than i usually do anyway)

Spiced Chicken with Brown Rice, Beans and Vegetables
recipe adapted from my friend Son

You Need:
boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or thighs, whatever you like)
salt and pepper
chili powder
garlic powder
onion powder
ground achiote (if you have it)
instant brown rice (or boil in bag)
2 poblano peppers, cut in half with their seeds and innards ripped out
1 large red onion, cut into thick slices to make for easy grilling
olive oil
cilantro, avocado slices

rub some oil into your chicken. season with salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, achiote, and onion powder. rub the spices in all over the chicken and let these sit for a minute while you heat your grill. drizzle the poblano peppers and onion slices (try to keep these together – they’ll grill easier and won’t slip through the grates) with olive oil. grill the chicken, peppers, and onions until the chicken is cooked through and the onion and peppers are grilled up nice. prepare the brown rice according to the package. if you got the same kind that i got, it took all of 10 minutes for this step. warm a cup or so of pinto beans in a separate sauce pan. meanwhile, cut your peppers and onions up into pieces. fold these and the beans into the finished rice. dish the rice into bowls and top with slices of your grilled chicken. serve this with warmed corn tortillas, cilantro, avocado if you want, and copious squeezes of lime.

cooking music: Cold War Kids, Robbers and Cowards



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2 responses to “healthy stuff

  1. Joy

    Yum! I will have to make this at home! As for exercise, I’m not a huge fan of treadmills and the like. I have found Nia and hooping, which are lots of fun and don’t feel like exercise. I wish you could be here to hoop with me at the park on Sundays…we have a meet-up every Sunday and it’s tons of fun. You have to move here dammit!

  2. rebekah

    i know! it sounds like a lot of fun and either feeling like what i’m doing is fun or feeling like i’m accomplishing something is what keeps me doing it. the mindless drone of exercise machines are just … eh. and blah. but hey do make this chicken – it is really good! i thought it’d be blurgh because of the brown rice but if you season it well and use limes it has a nice bright flavor along with those grilled vegetables. yum, man.

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