might be a quarter life crisis

and no, i am not a john mayer fan (i think he’s the douchiest douche who ever douched) but i do rather like the song he wrote, from which i yanked my title. some days, especially right now, it seems truer than ever. do you ever have moments that feel like you’re utterly and irrevocably trapped? like you know what your goals are but life is at a complete standstill and everything is moving in circles around you, keeping those goals/wants/desires permanently out of reach? yeah, it’s like that lately. i haven’t been that excited about our meals lately. everything feels same old, same old. last night though, i pulled some of our leftover corned beef from the freezer, sliced it really thinly, caramelized some onions, and slapped together a corned beef melt that was pretty out of this world, and comforting, which, by my incessant whining about the lack of excitement and vigor in my life, you know i badly need. served up on a shared platter with french fries and ketchup, comfort is exactly what we had with this dinner.

Corned Beef Melts
recipe from Simple Comfort Food

You Need:

some slices of deli rye bread (i used a sourdough rye that was pretty outstanding) – use 4 if you’re making two sandwiches
leftover cooked corned beef, sliced thinly
slices of provolone cheese – 2
dijon mustard (we used Grey Poupon’s country dijon)
white onions, sliced thinly
cast iron skillet

melt a couple tablespoons of butter in a saute pan. scatter your onions into the melted butter and on low heat, cook these until they get super soft and wilty and a nice caramely brown color. this is going to take awhile because you’re cooking these on low, low heat. make sure you stir them around once in awhile.  turn off the heat when these are done and reserve. start heating your skillet. spread some softened butter on one side of two slices of the rye bread. on the opposite side, spread some of that dijon mustard. start piling your corned beef and cheese on the bread. top with some of the onions, then set the other slice of bread on everything. get these into the skillet and fry til golden brown on one side. flip, then brown the other. make sure your cheese gets melty. serve these with whatever the hell you want to eat them with.

cooking music: Joanna Newsom, Have One on Me


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