been cooking a lot, but i’m still a lazy blogger

as if i didn’t have a master’s thesis to continue contemplating (and eventually finish) along with my usual spate of household projects, i’ve cautiously hosted optimism about the coming month because … THE SNOW HAS MELTED. that’s right – it is straight up gone and/or going people. we can even walk out to our garden patch with regular tennis shoes on instead of snow boots. i am so crazy-giddy i’m surprised no one’s accused me of being on drugs. i just want to dance around naked with all this sun. but i won’t, because i do have a little dignity.

all this happy happy joy joy has made me super productive in the kitchen. i’ve used up previously frozen leftover easter ham in this Ham, Potato, and Artichoke Gratin from Bon Appetit’s website:

the only substitution i made was switching out Comte cheese for havarti. it was delightful …

For my Diet Breaker Friday, we ate these spicy fried chicken breast sandwiches, from a recipe courtesy the blog Food People Want (and trust me – you want this sandwich).

those burger buns, by the way, are handmade, baby. i picked up this recipe from Serious Eats. so simple, so delicious, try it. you’ll never buy burger buns again.

and tonight, i made a riff on chicken parmigiana using zucchini and yellow squash for noodles, from a recipe on Tasty Kitchen (that’s Pioneer Woman’s cooking community. there are a TON of awesome recipes on that site. it’s a lot of fun, that food community.) the vegetables instead of actual pasta made our meal infinitely healthier (and Diet Breaker Friday included a piece of carrot cake and ice cream so uh healthy was a necessity). but this meal also made me drag out a citrus zester i’ve had sitting in my drawer for something like 4 years, untouched. it made quick work of making thin noodley appendages out of that zucchini and squash. if you like chicken parm and zucchini, you might want to try this one. it’s a good way to use up a surplus of summer garden zucchini.

Chicken Parmigiana with Zucchini Noodles
recipe adapted from The Noshery via Tasty Kitchen

You Need:

largeish chicken breast cut in half (if you don’t get a thin enough piece of chicken out of the breast, you can pound it thinner)
panko crumbs
an egg, beaten
salt and pepper
garlic powder
chopped oregano
chopped basil
chopped thyme
grated parmesan cheese (1/4 cup or so)
olive oil
your favorite spaghetti sauce
2 green zucchinis
2 yellow summer squash
mozzarella cheese, grated

salt and pepper your chicken. mix the garlic powder, oregano, thyme, basil and grated parmesan into the panko crumbs. lightly dust the chicken breasts with flour. dip into the egg, then coat with the herbed panko crumbs. heat some olive oil into a large saute pan. set the chicken breasts in the pan and cook until golden on both sides and cooked through. set aside in a warm oven. to make the “noodles,” use a citrus zester. run it along the sides of the zucchinis and the squash until you hit the core. discard the core. prepare your sauce. heat some olive oil in a pan. add the zucchini and squash noodles and saute for a couple minutes. salt and pepper to taste. serve the chicken breast on top of the noodles, with some sauce spooned on top. scatter some mozzarella and a little parmesan on top and melt. if you’re feeling ambitious, make a batch of this bread, split half a loaf, lightly butter, sprinkle with garlic salt, and broil until crisp.

cooking music: ipod on shuffle, but lately i’m obsessed with this cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. i’m not even a Gaga fan but this song is SO FUN.



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3 responses to “been cooking a lot, but i’m still a lazy blogger

  1. nancyrunswild

    I am always so impressed when people make their own bread for some reason. That burger…oh my..looks delish!

    • rebekah

      if you don’t scratch bake with yeast, you should start. there is nothing so therapeutic and satisfying as baking bread, etc. plus it’s so much yummier than store bought 🙂

  2. Wow, just found my new favorite blog right here. Keep up the good work! I’m so excited about this recipe. These Chicken Parmigiana with Zucchini Noodles are wonderful and are so simple! I have to try making these sometime this week

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