setting my tongue a-dancing with joy

while some of my cookery makes me pitch hissy fits in my kitchen, other cooking apparatus, like my wok, makes me want to tongue kiss it, build it its own little altar, and bring it offerings so it will continue to bless my kitchen with more wok-y deliciousness. all hail my mighty wok. ::bows, crosses self with chop sticks::

my beloved stir fry’s are true 30 minute meals. i think that jamie oliver (and other cookbooks i’ve read) focus on them mainly to teach novice cooks because they truly are just so simple and so fast to prepare. and you can toss and stir just about anything into the skillet/wok, whatever, and come up with something pretty outstanding. Food Network Magazine, one or two issues ago, came up with an insert that showed how you can make 11,000+ different types of stir fry. that’s like, one stir fry a day for the rest of my life. if i lived with someone who loved them as much as i do, that would be like heaven to my tummy. but alas, i don’t, and alack, my stir fry nights are few and far between. but i’m still in produce-using-up mode and had some green beans to finish off, so i attempted a recipe for San Bei Gi from the Serious Eats blog. for some reason the presence of green beans in this dish ignited some people’s ire in the comment section, but to those purists i say “feck that.” green beans are delicious. so what if it’s not “proper” and “traditional”? don’t hate on the green beans, people. they never did anything to you except be delicious.

Boneless San Bei Gi with Green Beans
recipe from Serious Eats

You Need:

3 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breasts, sliced into 1/4 inch thick pieces (i might have just chopped and hacked into larger pieces – also, for the two of us i only use one and a half large breasts)
1 Tablespoon cornstarch
soy sauce
sesame oil
10-20 garlic cloves, smashed and chopped (again, i halved this b/c it was just for erik and I)
20 slices fresh ginger (amount halved again in my case)
rice wine
green beans, ends trimmed and snapped to 2-3 inch pieces
scallions, chopped
red chili pepper flakes (originally calls for dried whole red chilies but i do not have those in my house, currently)
thai basil leaves (or cilantro, if you want to be different)
cooked rice

mix the chicken in the cornstarch and a few good shakes of the soy sauce (recipe states about 1/3 cup of soy, but i needed to ration my soy sauce as i am running low on it). cover and marinate for 30 minutes or until overnight. i let mine sit in the fridge (covered of course) overnight and my chicken was thoroughly infused with all that soy saucey goodness. in a wok or a large non stick skillet, heat sesame oil (a few Tablespoons) with the chili pepper flakes, garlic, and ginger until the oil starts to bubble. add the chicken and stir. brown the pieces on all sides. add the rice wine (and a little more soy if you think you need it). stir to boiling then cover. let it simmer on medium heat until the chicken is cooked through. stir in the green beans then the basil or cilantro and let them cook til the green beans are crisp-tender. add the scallions and toss. serve over the white rice.

cooking music: i’m stuck on Patty Griffin’s Live at the Artists Den, specifically “Moon Song” and “No Bad News”


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