mortal ourselves and filled with awe

firstly, an apology for the prolonged absence. i found myself stricken with stomach flu right around mother’s day and for about a week and a half after that, the mere thought of food engaged my gag reflex. i’m almost over that now. but currently, i find myself stricken for a different reason and i’m going to deviate from the topic of mealtime because i want to remember someone exceptionally special. last night erik and i found out one of the best human beings on this planet passed away on May 10th. he was erik’s very best friend and a new friend to me. i find myself exceptionally regretful and feeling a little selfish and sorry for myself for not having had the time that erik did to get to know him. Tim Bradfield was an amazing person: one of those rare people who was totally and completely accepting and loving. he had an immense personality and a way of making you feel like you were a superstar. he was so intelligent and funny, witty, extremely charming and all of those good things. we had the extreme pleasure of having him at our home for a weekend last Fall. we were in the process of trying to get our schedules together to have him up again this summer, actually. i made him a vegetarian pizza and we stayed up until 2:30-3:00 a.m. just talking. being with him was … wonderful. i can’t put it any other way. he just filled you with joy being around him. we are just gutted at this loss but this weekend we plan on visiting the bar where he and erik met and drinking a Killian’s (his favorite beer). it’s not going to be the same without him, and i don’t want to live in a Tim-less world but if there’s anything i can take away from my short time knowing him, it’s that it is so important to love life – everything about it and live it as joyfully and with abandon as he did.

tonight’s dinner was made in honor of him. vegetarian tacos with a grilled assortment of peppers. he would have enjoyed it immensely. rest well, Tim. we love you and will miss you terribly. we loved you more than you could ever know. i don’t want to say goodbye, so goodnight, for now.

Grilled Vegetable Tacos

You Need:

a red bell pepper, cut in half, with its seeds and guts ripped out
a few poblano peppers, cut and gutted
a couple anaheim peppers, cut and gutted
a jalepeno or serrano pepper, cut, gutted
a green bell pepper, second verse, same as the first
olive oil
white onion, sliced thinly
minced garlic
refried beans
grated cheddar or monterey jack or pepper jack
flour tortillas
an avocado
chopped cilantro
chopped tomatoes

drizzle your peppers with some olive oil. fire up the grill and char the peppers on both sides. bring them inside, let them cool, and cut them into strips. in a pan, heat up a little olive oil. cook the onions and garlic until the onions have softened. add the peppers and let them heat up again. warm the tortillas, or make them fresh, like i did. spread some refried beans on the tortillas. sprinkle some cheese on it. layer your assortment of peppers and onion next. then top with cilantro, tomatoes, avocado slices and some lime juice.



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2 responses to “mortal ourselves and filled with awe

  1. nancyrunswild

    I am so sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was a great man.

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