Happy Father’s Day

even though my dad is many miles away, all the way in texas. i hope he gets to sleep in late without me waking him up when i call him at 10 my time, even though it will be 11 his time, and i hope he gets some great tacos at his favorite restaurant.

here, we’ve got our in laws over for dinner and we’re having:

Hatch Chili Bacon Cheeseburgers

french fries and grilled corn

Agua de Sandia (one of my favorite things to drink, thanks Sweetlife!) I love me a good hamburger, but I have to admit this drink was the highlight of our dinner. If you’ve got extra watermelon around, visit that link and make this!



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2 responses to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. nancyrunswild

    I love anything watermelon. It’s so refreshing.

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