Simple Weekday Suppers

because sometimes you don’t really want to use every bowl, pot, pan, and spoon in the kitchen. at least i don’t, not on a Tuesday night. not when my time is so limited these days. I’ve been crawling on hands and knees towards finish lines (on my thesis, mostly) and trying to look forward to life. i know that one day i won’t be all “i really should shut the tv off/stop doing crafty lady things/leave the housework for later/not experiment-bake, etc and finish my paper.” and i’ll be able to just go outside and poke around in our emerging garden for hours without important school work waiting on me to finish it. last night i fully intended to get this super fast supper done so i could get some paper writing time in, but ended up eating ice cream and watching Chopped instead. ::shrug:: oh well. i’ll never be a rigidly disciplined lady. i accept that. anyway. SANDWICHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roast Beef, Provolone, and Melty Onion Sandwiches

You Need:

deli roast beef
provolone cheese
a heap of Thomas Keller’s “melty onions”
a small loaf of Sheepherder’s bread
roasted red bell peppers (i roast my own. eff jars.)

heat your oven to 300. split your bread in half and cut those halves into halves for two sandwiches. my small loaf made two very large sandwiches. spread some mayo on one side of the bread. top with roasted red peppers. top that with slices of roast beef. place a slice of provolone on top of the roast beef. move the sandwiches to a baking sheet (don’t put the top part of the bread on yet) and place in the oven. let it warm up enough to melt the cheese. remove from the oven, top each sandwich with a generous helping of the melty onions. top with the rest of the bread. slice in half. i served mine with oven roasted potatoes. i sliced my russet potatoes into thin-ish fry-shaped appendages (unpeeled by the way), tossed them with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a little red pepper flakes, placed them in a baking dish, and baked them at 375 until they were browned and crisped.

there’s been no cooking music lately. erik has been in a “tell me about his day” sort of mood when he’s home while i’m cooking. and since he so rarely talks freely like that, when he does, it’s a welcome treat.


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