file this under “recipes with perplexing names”

I’ve had this recipe for “fajita burgers” printed out and toted around in my “folder of stuff I want to cook” for a month or so now. I don’t really understand why it’s called a fajita burger, but it piqued my interest because anything with the words “fajita” in it elicits a pavlovian response from me. Drooling and everything. This and a slew of other burger recipes I’ve got hanging around made me realize I’ve run across enough interesting burger recipes to entertain the idea of having a “burger night” every month. I’m usually craving one anyway, because I still harbor these delusions that I’m going to start eating like a normal, healthy person, thus fooling myself into thinking I’m going to start a diet and therefore need to stuff my face with burgers while I still can. Sigh. Anyhow, this particular burger has a lovely texture to it, with the addition of chopped red onions, garlic, and scallions, and a lot of flavor thanks to comino and chili powder. And honestly, who doesn’t like to put comino in just about everything? Crazy people, that’s who. Yeah. Think about that. Me, I’d rename this something like “Tex Mex burgers” or something equally mundane. I suggest you just call it “dinner.”

“Fajita” Burgers
recipe from Eating Well

You need:

hamburger (I used enough for two good sized patties)
finely minced red onion (oh say, 1/8 to 1/4 of an onion)
minced garlic cloves (1 clove)
finely chopped scallions (i used 2 skinny scallions from my garden)
chopped cilantro (just a small bit, like a couple Tablespoons worth)
chili powder (a teaspoon, maybe 1 1/2)
cumin (same)
more chopped cilantro
juice of a small lime
a Tablespoon or so of diced chipotle with its sauce
a couple large dollops of plain mayo
a medium sized anaheim pepper, or a couple small ones
some monterey jack or cheddar or whatever you’ve got on hand
slices of red onion
slices of tomato
toasted hamburger buns

In a bowl, combine the hamburger, red onion, garlic, scallions, cilantro, chili powder, cumin, salt, and pepper. Mix gently to incorporate everything together and form patties. In a separate small bowl, mix the mayo, chipotle, rest of the chopped cilantro, and the lime juice together. Set aside. Roast your anaheim(s) either on the grill, or in your broiler, or like me, with some tongs on the open flame of your gas stove. Let them get all charry and delicious. Set aside in a bowl and cover. Let them cool down and steam up enough so you can get the skin off. I leave a little bit of the blackened skin on because I just like the flavor but you can scrape it all off if you want. Slice the peppers up and discard the innards and seeds. Cook your burgers either on the grill or in a cast iron pan (or whatever you cook burgers in, really) until the desired level of doneness. Just a quick digression – does anyone other than me think it’s kind of gross to eat a pink burger? I’m all for medium rare steaks and even regular rare steaks but a pink burger makes me queasy. Anyway, cook ’em how you like ’em. Top off with a little of your cheese and let that melt. To assemble, spread some chipotle mayo on your buns, lay a burger patty down, then some red onion, anaheim slices, and tomato. I think some avocado slices would be outstanding on this but I had none on hand. Next time though, I swear, we’re getting our avocado on with this burger.


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