Blog Makeovers

I took advantage of a new theme WordPress is offering – the Coraline theme – and I’m curious: what do you think? I’ve wanted to switch up for awhile, but none of the offered themes appealed to me, until now. Is it easy to read? Are things tidied up a bit more? Let me know what you like or don’t like about how things are looking around here.



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7 responses to “Blog Makeovers

  1. Yes, I like this layout alot! Very crisp and clean and easy to read. I like minimalist layouts, though 😉

  2. wellmet

    I love the Coraline – although I wonder if the Archives column is too wide (visually, not functionally). Beautiful photo!

  3. rebekah

    i like the minimalist ones too. much easier to deal with. 😀

    sarah: i think it is too, a little. there are different options for layout within the theme though so that’s really nice! the eggs were ones i bought at a farmer’s market in idaho. most. delicious. eggs. EVER.

    thanks for the feedback, guys!

  4. rebekah

    oh p.s: does adding the blogroll in on that side fix the visual problem on the archive section?

  5. nancyrunswild

    I like the new look!

  6. love the new look, that’s the only thing I do not like about mine, can’t add my own pics, I would love a stack of tamales on front..haha

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