a sort of guest post

I haven’t done ANY cooking this weekend. None. We kicked off two weekends of travel plans with a trip to Jackson Hole to see Mr. Bob Dylan. It was an amazing show – Bob was playful, fun to watch, and did a spectacular job. He played Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, Ballad of Thin Man (my favorite), Highway 61, Just Like a Woman, Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat, and so many of my favorite songs. AND HE PLAYED HIS HARMONICA. I haven’t seen him do that the last couple of times we’ve seen him play. I lost my mind, people.

We ate at Taqueria Sanchez beforehand, carne asada plates with rice and beans and yellow corn tortillas. Not San Antonio good, but pretty good. We attempted to find a place to eat breakfast – we walked all over the damn place to try and find Jedediah’s House of Sourdough to get a hearty breakfast and found something called Cafe Genevieve in its place. Now, when we got there, there was no one at the little podium outside, but we could see people inside the restaurant. We started for the door to go inside (because that would be anyone’s first inclination right – hungry, see restaurant, go inside to eat). A blonde, bespectacled woman rounded appeared suddenly (with an angry air about her) and snottily asked what we were doing. “um do we seat ourselves?” I asked. “you certainly DO NOT,” she spat out. Some other snotty dude came walking up after us and she made it a point to tell him she would seat him first, so I told her “nevermind, we’ll find someplace else.” So if you’re ever in the Jackson Hole area, be forewarned: the hostess at this restaurant is incredibly rude and snotty. I was immediately put off and will likely never attempt to eat there.

Okay rant over. So it’s Sunday night and I’m waiting for True Blood to come on and I’m tired because we’ve been on the go since Saturday and we got a KILLER deal on tequila at the Jackson liquor store so Erik made up a drink for me. I polished it off in about 10 seconds. He doesn’t have a name for it, but it’s pretty and delicious (and a good accompaniment to watching My Fair Wedding).

I’ll step aside now and let him tell you about it.

You will need:

1-  large stainless steel cocktail shaker, half full of ice.

2- oz. good quality  Reposado Tequila

1- oz. Limoncello  Liqueur

1- oz. Grenadine syrup

– the juice of two fresh limes

add ingredients to the ice in cocktail shaker,  ( I like to add the juiced lime halves into the mix as well)  shake the piss out of it, until condensation appears on the exterior of the shaker and everything is thoroughly mixed.  Strain  into a salted rim glass over ice. Garnish with lime wedge and swill.



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2 responses to “a sort of guest post

  1. great cocktail, love the pic


  2. rebekah

    thanks 🙂

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